Terms, conditions and consent


I consent to participate in the YMCA Nature Walks, I acknowledge I am fit and able to participate in the event and there are no pre-existing health issues or conditions that will affect my participation. I will promptly advise YMCA employees of any health issues or conditions that arise that affect my participation in any manner.

I agree to take reasonable care of my own health and safety and agree to any YMCA terms and conditions or safety warnings provided at the venue of the event. I consent to any YMCA employee, official or representative obtaining on my behalf at my own expense any emergency assistance, treatment and transport deemed reasonably necessary.

I acknowledge and consent to photographs being taken of me during my participation in the event. I acknowledge that the photographs are owned by the event organisers and that the event organisers may use the photographs for promotional or other purposes without my further consent being obtained.

Further, I consent to the Event organisers using my name, image, likeness and also my performance in the Event, at any time, to promote the Event by any form of Media. If entrant is under 18, I certify that I am the parent/legal guardian of and she / he has my consent to participate in the YMCA Nature Walks.

Acknowledgement and Release – Declaration

In completing this form, I approve of the above application and in so agree that the YMCA, and its officers, leaders and staff shall be released from, and shall not incur, any responsibility or liability whatsoever from any accident or injury to the applicant or for any damage or loss of property of the applicant.

I recognise that partaking in the YMCA Nature Walks has certain risks and I will inform YMCA staff of any changes to my health status. I further authorise you to obtain medical / ambulance assistance in the case of accident or emergency involving the applicant and I agree to bear all costs thereby incurred.

The event managed by YMCA Victoria is not responsible for lost or stolen items or damage to property or vehicles. Acknowledging this risk, I agree to participate at my own risk.

Privacy Statement

YMCA acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals including the information that is being collected through this registration. YMCA accepts that you, your parents / guardians (if a person is under the age of 18) have consented for this information to be collected. The intended recipients of this information are the YMCA. You may receive communications from time to time to update you on items relating to YMCA and Boroondara Leisure and Aquatic Facilities YMCA Programs. A range of mediums are used to communicate, including direct mail, email, SMS and telephone. Upon receipt of any information you will be given the opportunity to 'OPT OUT' and have all communication cease. Full details of the YMCA Privacy Policy can be obtained on request at the Centre or on line at www.victoria.ymca.org.au.