At The Boroondara Leisure and Aquatic Facilities, we pride ourselves as leaders in aquatic supervision and safety. Our Watch Around Water Policy aims to reduce the number of fatal and non-fatal drowning incidents and associated injuries in partnership with Life Saving Victoria.

Our Watch Around Water (WAW) policy aims to educate the public about active supervision, and encourage parents/guardians to take on the responsibility of this role while visiting aquatic facilities. In preparation for a busy 2023 we want to remind our facility members and guests of our investment in enforcing this policy.

Whilst visiting Boroondara Leisure and Aquatic Facilities children aged 0-4 years are required to wear a PINK wristband and remain within arm’s reach of a parent/guardian 16+ years.
Children aged 5-9 years are required to wear a YELLOW wristband and be actively supervised by a parent/guardian 16+ years.
Children 10+ years will not require a wristband, however parents must use their knowledge of an individual child’s swimming ability and general development to determine the level of accompaniment required.

Whilst in centre the following ratios for Watch Around Water also apply:

  • Maximum 2 children aged 0-4 years per 1 parent
  • Maximum 4 children under 10 years in total per 1 parent

Please reach out to our friendly reception staff should you like more information.

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